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How we tackle challenging projects


Andrea Wellness provides massage and craniosacral therapy as well as meditation. Andrea offers CDs, downloads, video recordings, as well as exciting live events. Andrea believes in healing the body, mind, and spirit through increased understanding and a willingness to let go of limiting beliefs.

When Andrea contacted us she was struggling to fill her live events, she had no sales funnel for gathering prospects information and giving them content, she wasn’t making very many sales on her website, and her systems weren’t working which made her team have to work more hours than they needed to each week. As a result, she felt out of control in her business and powerless in her situation.

Lock n’ Load Marketing created a timeless and fresh uplifting logo and brand that her current clients and new prospects could dive into and feel her energy from start to finish. With a new beautiful look and functionality, Andrea’s clients are now able to schedule appointments and get on a wait list, download lessons and mediations files, and learn more as well as join upcoming events and so much more. To make things easier for Andrea, her team, and her clients, new Standard Operating Procedures and Systems were also created and put into place.

As a result, she saw an increase of more than 650% on her website sales in the first month, event attendance tripled, and best of all Andrea and her team were able to reduce the amount of time they spent working each week. Having a business on autopilot is amazing!

“I LOVE IT!!!…PERFECT.!!!@ WAHOO!!! YOU DID IT…IT LOOKS SO GOOD… it’s a go. Happy day…”

This was one of the hardest and biggest projects we have ever done. There were some issues that we had to overcome, but in the end we worked together to complete it. Andrea’s entire business was made-over with amazing results!





The Happy Gal, Jenny Layton, is a professional organizer, coach, wife, mother, and woman. She has a passion for empowering women to live happy, healthy, organized lives.

Jenny contacted us because she was having several issues with her website and she felt her brand was missing something. She just wanted a little more to help her brand stand out and resonate with her clients more as well as show her fun personality.

Lock n’ Load Marketing added color, texture, and font changes to her branding allowing her to have more fun with the presentation of her site and downloads. We also worked with Jenny to update her site to give it a more fun and engaging look which encouraged her visitors to stay a little longer.

Working closely with Jenny for the past few years on several projects has been a real pleasure for us. She is a joy to serve! We have been able to help her not only with branding and website help, but also with strategies for marketing, systems to save time, and sales funnels to build her list and increase her bottom line and more.

Testimonial Jenny Layton, The Happy Gal

Testimonial Kati Keifer, True Couponing

The Grumpy Grammarian, Autumn Tompkins, provides copywriting and copy editing services for entrepreneurs who want to feel confident and empowered in the written words in their business. Her goal is to help her clients persuade their customers to take action.

Autumn had a good foundation in the written word, but was struggling to make sales on her website. As a result, she was having to do a lot of emailing back and forth or chatting on social media to finalize a sale. Her brand was falling just a little flat with only two colors and not much style.

Lock n’ Load Marketing brought her brand to life with a new logo, brand colors, and a fun website that prospects love to visit. She also now has several opt-ins on her website for list building as well as fun descriptions of her services so customers can choose the right plan for their needs.

We have enjoyed working with Autumn on her larger project as well as a returning client for changes and updates through the years.



Logo/Brand Designs





Josh Houghton is an entrepreneur with many businesses. One of his businesses is selling weight loss training programs that can be downloaded once they are purchased.

The sales funnel that Josh was using wasn’t giving him the results he was looking for. He contacted Lock n’ Load Marketing to help with the structure as well as updated branding and sales page layout.

Thanks to the changes made to the brand and sales funnel Josh has gone from 1 sale a week to “5 to 10 sales a day”!

Because of the work we did with Josh, he also contacted us to build a beautiful brand and website for his local church. Click here to visit that page. Josh said they are getting regular new visitors to their congregation due to the new website. 

Working with Josh has been a real highlight to us! We have done more projects that the two listed, and plan to have him as a long time client and friend.

Kati Kiefer is the founder of True Couponing and True Money Saver. She helps moms and dads save money, manage their finances, and budget and so much more. Here goal is to help homes across the nation to live better while spending less.

The True Couponing website was crashing on an hourly basis which causing her visitors lots of problems and stress. Also she was struggling to get new prospects to download her valuable content and buy her amazing money saving programs. Kati contacted us to help her take her brand to the next level and fix her website and systems problems.

Lock n’ Load Marketing and our team were able to fix the website issues saving Kati hours and hours a day of hard work. We helped her to develop her brand to make it more recognizable and useable in her marketing. We worked closely with her to create systems and strategies to increase traffic and list building opportunities.

As a result, we have built a strong, ongoing relationship with Kati as her business changes and grows into a business that will help not just her family, but families in every State!

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