Sheila J Davis, Founder

How it all began – our idea of the perfect marketing service

I’m Sheila J Davis, founder of Lock n’ Load Marketing. I’ve been a digital marketer for 6 years. When I decided it was time for me to be the CEO of my business, I knew I needed help managing my flow of clients so I went looking for the perfect team. I found that it was difficult to find highly trained digital marketers who worked at the level I wanted and that my clients expected. It was also hard to find marketers who knew the tools I loved and used. For two months I spent many hours searching for the perfect team when it hit me… there wasn’t one team that was full of trained digital marketers with the skills I needed! I also found it difficult and time-consuming to find and test them as well as expensive to hire them. 

So, one day I jokingly told my son I was going to start Lock n’ Load Marketing and create the most amazing one-stop shop for entrepreneurs marketing needs. Thus, LLM was born! Fast forward 2 months and here we are ready to serve successful entrepreneurs around the world.

David Eggertsen, Online Systems

Growing from 1 single founder to an amazing ever growing team

It seemed as soon as the decision was made to create a digital marketing team that could serve many searching prospective clients was made, the marketers suddenly appeared. I think they were looking for a company they could put their trust in as much as our prospective clients were looking. It’s the perfect place to find what businesses need and the perfect place for marketers to work in an environment custom made for them and their desire to serve and support growing businesses.

Dubbed as the “systems” guy, David is brilliant with creating, executing and managing effective systems in life. From creating online systems for your business, to financial systems to help you better plan and save, to communication systems within the family to strengthen relationships; David is a master. As an entrepreneur in web development and IT systems management for over a decade, David has helped thousands of people to streamline success both in their professional and family life.

The Future of Lock n’ Load – nothing can stop us 🙂

Our team is ready to serve you now! We are anxious to work with you to build your business. We are as passionate about what we do as you are. We like being in the background keeping the home fires burning… meaning, we love to bring your prospects to your door warm and ready to work with you. Please allow us to take the burden off of your shoulders, it’s not a burden to us, we love this stuff! and we love serving our customers.


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